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C.E Lagerbom at 21 wrote and published their first fiction novel. Then graduated a year later from The New England School of Communications. Earning a Bachelors in Media Communications. Specializing in Cinematography, Film & Television. Their passion lies in creating and helping others. Their goals are to keep working in this industry, make connections and create projects that invoke true emotion and inspire others. To make this world a better place through storytelling.

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Script Writing


Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator


Video Editing


Script Editing


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Video Production

Using my Blackmagic 4k Cinema Camera I can aid in camera operations & video shooting. I am also trained on most industry standard cameras.

Video Editing

I am trained and experienced in the adobe creative suite, davinci and movavi software. If you have a video that needs editing I will work on a clear set schedule and provide regular updates as requested.


Prom Photos, Headshots, Company Stills, Weddings, Dances, Whatever the need is for good quality photography I can provide.

Photo Editing

Logo-Design, Touch-Ups. Photoshop, Illustrator, Gimp.

Script Writing

Need an idea for a short-play or film? I’ve been writing since I was six. I will work with you to help create your vision exactly as you see it. While providing thoughts and advice.

Script editing

Need someone to do the nitty gritty work of corrections? Or maybe looking for advice and feedback? Copy-Editing. Layout Editing.


Now a few months later. Isaac is adjusting to waking up 100 years into the future. Or is he? With civil unrest building to the point of war. Isaac continues to explore the dystopian nightmare he awoke into. Venturing further into the country. Meeting more people and learning the way of the new world. Isaac struggles with unrestful emotion and old ghosts he can't put behind him. Will he be ready for what is to come?

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My First Book!

A Science-Fiction trilogy. Book's 2 & 3 coming soon! Set in a near dystopian future. Where one boy, Isaac awakens into. He must figure out how to survive in this new harsh world filled with addicting technology, government agencies after him for reasons he does not know. And coping with learning truth about extra terrestrial life.

My Dream of Hitting 100k Subs

When I was twelve I watched YouTube Rewind 2012 and I was imedietely invested. I made a goal to myself that I would one day achieve Silver Play Button Status. Which is 100,000 Subscribers. I upload random comedic skits, funny montages of my livestreams over on twitch but most importantly. If you are a fan of D&D 5e. Come explore the world of Allra. A fantasy universe I created.

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Customers Reviews

C.E. is wonderful. They were organized and captured all of our visions exactly as imagined! The photos turned out beautifully and are versatile for every aspect we needed. They spent an entire day with our team and was patient with our busy schedules while being thorough and staying out of the way. Their attitude was positive and made our patients feel comfortable through the whole process. We loved having them in our office and hope to use their services again!

100% Chiropractic

Lake Oswego - Oregon

They never fail to make me look majestic and beautiful! Whether its just me and family or I'm in costume all dressed up, C.E. knows the right angles and the perfect lighting to make some beautiful memories come to life in a photo. Thanks!

Mercedes Philbrook

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If you've got an idea or a project you need help with let's make it a reality. I own my own gear. A Blackmagic 4k Pocket Cinema Camera. I edit using Movavi, Gimp, & Adobe.


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